Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preparation is the Key

If I can offer 2 words to my clients regarding

exercise or diet it would be


What do I mean by this? Let's look at diet first.

Let's say you have an extremely busy day in front of you - taking kids to school, going to work, meetings during the day, evening activities. It is imperative to look ahead to your meals and not let them happen by "accident". No time for breakfast? Fix a protein shake in the blender and take it in the car with you, or buy pre-mixed shakes to have on hand. That way you can literally "grab and go". Pre-mixed shakes are also great to have on hand at work and in the car. My favorites are Muscle Milk and Myoplex (both available in regular and lite). Just make sure whatever shake you choose has an equal or higher amount of protein than carbohydrates. The protein will help keep you full for a longer period of time.

Overplan I tell all my cleints to keep their desk drawer and refrigerator at work stocked with healthy foods. If you have to run from meeting to meeting then you can always grab a piece of string cheese, a handful of nuts, or a protein bar to get you through. Remember if you go longer than 3-4 hours without eating your blood sugar will drop and your metabolism will slow down. The result: increased fat storage!!!

Planning exercise

Just like planning your food, you need to plan your exercise. What days and times are you going to workout? AgainAlign Left, the less you leave to chance the more likely you will be to follow through. Always keep a set of workout clothes with you in the car or at work. If you happen to get an unexpected break in your day or finish earlier than expected, you won't be able to use the excuse of not having anything to wear.

As with everything else in our hectic lives, planning and preparation are the key to success. Remember:

  1. Plan your meals and exercise ahead of time

  2. Have an extra set of workout clothes on hand

  3. Keep healthy food with you at all times

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  1. LOVE it! Direct, to the point. Okay, I'm going to stick some gym clothes in the car right now!