Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Inspires You?


Where does it come from?

I just finishing watching an episode of the Biggest Loser and I am in awe of the contestants on this show. If you've never watched it before, this show starts with ten duos. The teams of 2 are either best friends, sisters, mother and daughter, husband and wife - connected in some way. The contestants are morbidly obese by definition, and have struggled with their weight most of their lives. They come to the Biggest Loser "ranch" and work with trainers to lose weight, get in shape, but, most importantly gain their "life".

Brutal is the word to describe the workouts that their trainers, Bob and Jillian, put them through each week. This week's episode found the competitors participating in a challenge where basically they were doing burpees in the mud. The first one to 100 won the prize. Have you ever done a burpee? (My junior high cheerleading coach used to call them squat thrusts.) Now imagine being 100 pounds overweight, squatting down, shooting your legs behind you, bringing them back in, then jumping up and hitting a target - IN THE MUD!!! Now repeat this exercise 100 times! Not one contestant quit. Are you inspired yet?

2 days later the contestants competed in a 24 hour bike challenge. They divided themselves into 2 teams of 6 and took turns biking. The team that logged the most miles won. At the 15 hour mark some of the competitors wanted to call a truce and stop the contest, but they all agreed that "quitting" was not an option - that quitting was the reason they were at the ranch to begin with. So they finished - even though they were exhausted, sore and hungry. Inspiring?

Sometimes when I am doing a crazy workout that is pushing me so hard I want to quit, I think of the Biggest Loser contestants and how they do not give up and push themselves through the pain. That, my friend, inspires me to keep going. It might sound silly and simple, but it works for me.

What truly inspires you?

Is it the example set by others?

Is it a picture in your mind of how you see yourself?

Maybe for you it's a quote that really hits home.

The next time you find yourself struggling,

reach for that inspiration, grab it and GO!

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