Thursday, January 15, 2009

All or Nothing

When it comes to exercise and diet are you
an all or nothing person?

Do you say to yourself," Well I already blew it today so
I'm just going to keep on blowing it."

This kind of stinkin' thinkin' gets us into trouble!

You've heard the saying that moderation is the key. Well I believe it is partly true.

When deciding to embark on a new nutrition regimen it is important that you allow yourself a "cheat" meal or a "cheat" day. Otherwise you will have deprived yourself of your favorite things for too long and really go crazy.

We all need to live our lives and feed ourselves with enjoyable activities. For me I love having a date night with my husband once a week which will usually entail dinner out by ourselves or with friends. This not only allows me to deviate from my nutrition program, but more importantly it enhances my life as a whole. I would hate to think how grumpy I would be if I didn't go out and ate only what was good for me all the time! Not to mention how this would overflow into every other area of my life.

Your 3 simple steps to positive progress:
  1. Follow your preferred regimen
  2. Allow yourself a cheat day
  3. Forget all or nothing

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