Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Smoothie (my version)

Green drinks and smoothies are all the rage right now. Yes, they are a great way to get your veggies, but beware if you are loading them with a lot of fruit and not eating any protein or fat with them. Fruit can spike your blood sugar (not good) if eaten alone, and consuming too many high sugar fruits will not bode well in the short term (think sugar high, then sugar low) or the long term (excess sugar gets stored as FAT).
Every meal that we consume should have protein, healthy fat, and plenty of vegetables so I decided to come up with my own version of the green smooothie that would satisfy these requirements. Remember - this is to MY taste. Yours might be different but I certainly won't hold it against you! Adjust to your liking but avoid the high sugar fruits like bananas, mangoes, melons or pineapple.

Lisa's Green Smoothie

  • 1/3 cup full fat coconut milk

  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

  • 1/2 cup strawberries

  • big handful of spinach

  • tablespoon almond butter

  • ice and water to desired thickness/consistency

There you go! This smoothie will give you approximately 25g protein, 24g healthy fat, 12g carbohyrates plus fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Give it a try!


  1. Another great fat to add would be avocado - and it's GREEN!

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