Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Made to Crave

I have to share with you an amazing book I recently finished. It's called "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries. I literally devoured it in 3 days!

Lysa shares her lifelong struggle with food and how diets never work. I'm sure this resonates with a lot of you. Her revelation came when she finally decided to look for her "WHY" - Why did she want to lose weight and why was she always battling with it? What a great question!

Lysa realized that just wanting to fit into a pair of skinny jeans was not a good enough reason to keep her motivated or for her to maintain her weight loss.

I've worked with many people over the years who have met lofty goals, only to see themselves slide right back into their old habits. Why does this happen? Maybe they were trying to fit into their wedding dress, or look good for their class reunion, or prepare for an upcoming race, or lose weight they had gained while they were pregnant. Numerous reasons abound for making a change (either losing weight, getting in shape). The problem comes after the event and you find yourself saying,"What now?" The satisfaction you feel from reaching the goal fades and the old habits creep back in. Sound familiar?

When Lysa decides she is ready to tackle her weight and health once and for all, she realizes she must find the "why" and the "want" in this battle. Here is an excerpt:

The book you hold in your hands could be the missing companion you've needed with every healthy eating plan you tried and cried over. I believe it will help you find your "want to." In addition to helping you find the desire to conquer your unhealthy cravings, it also holds the key to something very significant for most of us women - spiritual malnutrition. We feel overweight physically but underweight spiritually. Tying these two thing together is the first step on one of the most significant journeys you'll ever take with God.

You see, being healthy and/or losing weight is not just about looking good in the mirror (but is a great benefit!). It's feeling your absolute best so that you can do the things you were called to do. It will make you a better mother, father, partner, friend, employee, sister, daughter, son. You'll have less lethargy so you can play with your kids, clean your house, and stay alert at your desk. You'll have more mental clarity to plan your day, focus on your client, listen to your spouse,and help your child with their homework. The benefits are too numerous to list and go way beyond fitting into that size 6!

So how can we shift our focus? Lysa describes it as "Tying our happy to the wrong things"

Tying my happy to the wrong things is partially what caused my weight gain in the first place. There were too many experiences I enjoyed primarily because of the food that was attached to them. The movies were tied to popcorn. A birthday party was tied to cake. A ballgame was tied to a hot dog. School parties were tied to cookies. A morning meeting was tied to gourmet coffee. Getting gas was tied to snack crackers and a soda. Watching TV was tied to chips. A summer outing was tied to ice cream. A winter outing was tied to hot chocolate.

Tying my happy to food, skinny jeans, or anything else sets me up for failure.

If any of this resonates with you and your struggles, I encourage you to get this book. Lysa opens herself up and exposes her struggles with raw honesty - the kind of honesty we need to have with ourselves to really have lifelong, impacting change.

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