Monday, January 25, 2010

Nutrition and Healthy Cooking in the Real World

Are you confused about nutrition? Do you have a pretty good idea of what is healthy but don't know how to cook nutrition foods that are tasty? Does healthy food to you mean bland baked chicken and salads?
Let me help you!!!

Join me on Tuesday, February 2 from 6-9pm and learn how to cook delicious, healthy foods that give you the proper balance of protein, good fats, and favorable carbohydrates. As a mother of two who also works 30 hours per week I know how challenging it can be to cook for your family. It is very tiring at the end of a workday to muster up the energy to prepare a meal, let alone a nutritious one! Preparation and planning are the key to being successful.
The food we will prepare will be devoid of wheat, grains, refined sugars, and "bad" fats.

By attending this class you will learn:

Basic nutrition principles
The proper ingredients to have on hand at all times
How to decifer food labels
Time-saving tips
Basic kitchen skills
How to make several healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Each participant will receive a notebook with healthy recipes and nutrition information. I will also award one participant with a copy of "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson.

The class will take place at Ferguson Enterprises showroom kithcen, 160 Spring Street. The cost per person is $65 and is limited to 15 people. You can register by emailing me at

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